Netflix BTS- The Chilling adventures of Sabrina

Today’s the day I finally can share that I’ve been working with Netflix for a series of images behind the scenes of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. 

Here is a couple images so far from the set.  The BTS photos will be released on Netflix’s Instagram page through out the next couple weeks showcasing cast, crew and the incredibly detailed set!  Looking forward to sharing some of the Canadian film industries home grown talent! 


Yellowknife International Film Festival

Featuring an amazing lineup of international, national and local films, this year’s Yellowknife International Film Festival was a massive success. Below you’ll find the links to the photo galleries from both the NWT Film Gala and The Sun at Midnight premiere. I was also lucky enough to get a chance to photograph Duane Howard and Devery Jacobs - the stars of The Sun at Midnight. Those images are below. 

Links to galleries: 

 YK Film Festival Gala:

 Fun at Midnight Gala:

Flesh & Bone

For those of you who couldn’t make it out on Saturday, I thought I would make a blog post with all the images from the series “Flesh & Bone”. 

Big thank you to everyone that helped me along the way and during the event, especially the NWT Arts Council. Can’t wait till the next one! 


We talk endlessly about the beauty of the North: the northern lights, the midnight sun – it’s the bread and butter of the Northern photographer. But there are also months of darkness; you drive or skidoo five kilometres from Yellowknife and you cut a solitary figure on a landscape where life and death are separated by a matter of degrees. It’s easy to forget this in the city. Sometimes, it’s finding a caribou skull on a hike that shocks us back to the lines we Northerners tread – between safety and anxiety, youth and death.

Primarily a portrait photographer, I explore these tensions through the human form. My inspiration here is Irving Penn. His shots of masked figures inspired me formally and thematically, though I attempt to break the static tendencies of his portraiture, introducing movement through multiple exposures in camera. This captures the natural play of light caused by multiple images hitting the same sensor – an effect difficult to capture in post production.

Using Format